Why Choose Purple Drive & How is it Different From Competition?
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Why Choose Purple Drive & How is it Different From Competition?

Purple drive is a service targeted towards entrepreneurs, SMEs & SOHO businesses. Typically these entrepreneurs are stretched for time, bandwidth or understanding of the technology and hence they are not the best users of the possible technology solutions that could help them in their businesses. Either there are way too many options which makes choosing & decision making difficult. Or they don’t understand how to install and use the various software solutions which are available for their businesses.

Purple Drive would provide services to install, train and make the softwares user friendly for the entrepreneur community. For any business, the last hurdle should be technology, but unfortunately, it is with technology that most businesses struggle. Purple Drive was conceived by connecting these dots. Purple Drive helps in taking a business online in three simple steps. Hosting solutions, WordPress installations and Social Media. All this provided ON DEMAND making it absolutely easy on the business owner. For the first time ever, WordPress Plugin & Tools Installation support is provided ON DEMAND which is very unique. Because an entrepreneur can face a challenge at any time during the day and it is important that they don’t have to wait to get support or worse still, not get it at all! This uniqueness of being ON DEMAND makes us the Uber of the WordPress world! With 56% of the world’s websites running on WordPress CMS, we provide the first global platform that connects the tools & developers to make sure that the ON DEMAND promise is fulfilled seamlessly. Total ventures on with the concept of keeping things fresh, clean and productive with a hint of color. Known for is highly responsive site, Total performs at the best speed across multiple platforms and doesn’t shy away from giving the best interface that anyone could work on. Packed with features, widgets, and exclusive plugins, Total has the complete package to get your site started. With a simple drag and drop mechanism, Total gives you seamless control over both the front and back end page designs and also with layout customization. Effortless and fast delivery is the name of the trade for Total. Sliders, mega menu, and other possible social widgets are some of the additional features Total have under its belt. If you are someone who wants to work in a clear-cut fashion and like to take the matter into your hands, then Total is for you.

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