Warehouse Management Solution Honeywell Mx9
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Warehouse Management Solution Honeywell Mx9

Exact, real time information about the warehouse inventory is invaluable for all manufacturers, distributors and logistic firms to optimize productivity in the supply chain. An effective warehouse management solution is an indispensable tool for all businesses that require regular, efficient management of expensive goods. An effective tracking system for the inventory is necessary for this purpose. However, this can only be done with the use of the right hardware. This need can be fulfilled by the mobility and scanning solution Honeywell MX9. Problems and Concerns

Here is a list of the common problems faced during the management of inventory in warehouses, distribution centers or shipping and receiving storages: Inadequate details on stored productsInept data entry of inventoryUncertainty regarding the actual location of productsConcern over chargebacks and order fulfillment costsProblems over shipping on time while still providing all the requisite shipping information such as ASN, TMS, and EDI. Need to possess devices that can withstand the often harsh conditions of industrial environment, extreme weather, etc.Reluctance of employees to shift to more up-to-date technology These problems affect the productivity of your warehouse operations. To put a stop to these problems, you thus need an effective tracking and scanning solution. This is where a WMS or a Warehouse Management Software can be of help. This will improve the nature of operations inside warehouse and will help maximize productivity. A WMS will take care of an entire range of operations including physical inventory, barcode labeling, picking, receiving, shipping, reporting features, queries and others. The Honeywell Solution The MX9 industrial mobile computer from Honeywell is manufactured keeping in mind all the needs and situations of warehouse operations. We have crafted a reputation for ourselves in building user-friendly, reliable and sturdy devices that are suitable for industrial use. The products will be ideal for use in highly active environments of industrial operations. One of the telling features of the MX9 industrial mobile computer is its durability. It has an IP rating of 67 and has been seen to work properly after a six foot drop to concrete. These have, in fact, earned the device the moniker ‘ultra-rugged.’ The device has also successfully withstood the improvised usage test where it had been used as a hammer. The satisfied customer reviews of the product will corroborate these facts.

Besides its hardiness, the machine also provides myriad functional advantages. It helps reduce downtime and operating costs. With MX9 around, you would not have to worry about malfunctioning equipments. The display of the unit is so designed as to be comfortably readable in all outdoor conditions. The device also comes with a fully customizable keyboard and includes ten one touch function keys. Features like GPS, WLAN, etc. also facilitate easy connectivity. MX9 also packs an attractive range of accessories like vehicle and desktop cradles, chargers, car cases, handles, holsters, headsets, etc. A high powered long life lithium ion battery that powers the device will also help to speed up operations within warehouse. The device is suited for many different kinds of industrial uses and is the ideal warehouse management solution for businesses. Read more about warehouse management solutions here: http://rmsomega.tumblr.com/post/38265005427/honeywell-mx9-effective-wms

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