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Boat Berths and Storage: All You Need To Know

When it comes to boat storage Melbourne residents of course want to know: Your second home is in good hands.

Employing berth facilities for your boat can significantly increase the life span of your vessel. Simultaneously, you’ll have peace of mind that your boat is well looked after even when you’re not there.

Due to the nature of the ocean, there are specific ways to properly look after boats when not in use. This guide will break down everything you need to know about boat storage and berths so that you’re able to select the facility that is best suited for your needs.

Berths Explained

A boat berth is a space in a harbor where a vessel can be moored or stored, usually for loading or unloading goods or passengers. Boat berth rental is widely popular across the coastlines of Australia where independent boat owners need spaces to store their precious vessels.

For a monthly rental fee, the boat storage Melbourne boat owners need can easily be rented—no need to build your own.

The purpose of marinas is essentially to provide space and facilities in which boat berths & storage can exist. They provide a direct link between the shore and the ocean, making the transportation of vessels much easier & accessible to more residential areas.

If you’re dreaming of your boat, at least you know one aspect has a very easy solution now.

Who Needs One?

Any boat owner who values efficient access to their vessel will reap great benefits in renting a boat berth:

  • Easy water access without the need of a harbor: Because the nature of boat berths is to be in the more central, residential zones of a city they’re easier to access than bigger harbors. This means that renters will likely make use of their boats more often as it’s less of a headache getting to them.
  • Storage when not in use: All boat owners around the world require some sort of berth or storage when not using their vessels.
  • Boat storage no matter where you live: Most boat owner need this solution. The only exception would of course be individuals who live on the edge of a body of water and are able to construct a holding point for themselves. For everyone else, there are boat storage rental companies that operate in marinas nearby.

Types of Storage

There are three main types of boat storage to choose from. You’ll have to consider the pros and cons of each to find the right one for your boating lifestyle.

Boat storage safety is always important to consider when looking for the best route for your vessel. Keep this in mind on your search.

Home Storage

Home storage involves keeping your boat at your place of residence atop a trailer system. You then simply move the boat between your home and the body of water as needed.

While this method eliminates the need to pay monthly rental for a berth on the water, it also requires a lot of effort just to take your boat out for a spin.

If you have the added benefit of being able to keep your boat in its own, isolated garage then even better. It will be virtually immune to theft and not fall victim to any harsh weather patterns either.

You need to consider carefully: Yes, this is the most cost effective method but note it’s the most effort filled too.

Marina Storage

We then explore an option that requires almost no effort for the user at all. Marina storage is when your boat is stored on the water in a berth and is always ready for a ride out.

These are the storage options that are paid for monthly. Most marinas will also offer maintenance plans that take care of your boat in the event of damage.

While this can be a costly method of storing your boat, it’s definitely the most efficient.

You must keep in mind, however, that marina and berth storage isn’t always suitable for all climates. The colder months can reap havoc with the condition of your boat. During this time, it’s best to seek more sheltered forms of storage or run the risk of a long list of repairs to be done come summer.

Dry Rack

The dry rack method of storing is a compromise between home and marina storage.

After being on the water, the boat is lifted out with a forklift and put onto a nearby rack amongst other vessels. This is where it will stay until the next time it’s used.

This method is usually slightly cheaper than full marina storage. It’s also sometimes better for the boat is it’s not in the water during bad weather or storms.

The downside of this storage method is the lack of spontaneity. Organizing for the boat to be taken down from the rack and onto the water can take a few days to schedule, and hours to actually do. You’ll have to plan all of your boating excursions well in advance.

Safely Stored!

Storing your boat successfully is as important as storing your car or personal belongings. You need to know that it’s safe and looked after even in your absence.

A boat berth is a widely used and trusted method of boat storage around the world. Investing in one on a monthly rental basis also gives you the freedom to alternate between storage methods as the seasons change.

You dreamed about that boat for so long—prevent it turning into a nightmare by making sure you leave it in good hands!

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