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How Reusable Promotional Bags Should Be Designed to Get the Best Out of Them

Environmental protection is of top priority now. With the outbreak of strange pandemics like COVID 19, it is regarded by many as a warning sign to treat nature in a better way. Otherwise, we will have to face many such consequences and it could be even more adverse.

In this context, switching to the habit of carrying a reusable bag and using the same bag for doing all your shopping is what you need to do. Avoid ‘use and throw’ carry bags every time you shop. As a brand, you gain more respect when you support this environmental cause while planning your promotional product.

So, choose a best seller in the market to get your promotional reusable tote bags. Custom Earth Promos is a company that is passionate about producing eco-friendly products for their clients. They use recycled raw materials like water bottles etc. without compromising on the quality of the end products.

Check their website out to see the variety of products that they have got and you can contact them to discuss about your order.

Some design elements to enhance the purpose and quality of your reusable totes

Here are some points that you can consider by incorporating in your reusable totes in order to make them more attractive, interesting and useable.

  • Make your bags bright in colours. Choosing solid dark colours minimises the chances of the bags showing dirt prominently.
  • Make your bags to look flashy and attractive with multiple colours as well. This way, the users are less likely to get bored carrying the same bag over and over again.
  • Use the design elements that are seasonal and is trending currently. For instance, you can choose a bright summery theme with beaches and pools etc.
  • You can come up unique things to write on your bags that will support the cause of using reusable bags and being environmentally friendly. For example, you can print quotes like ‘No plastic is fantastic.’
  • Use quirky quotes related to your business and or your products. If you are selling yarns for knitting or crocheting, you can make a project bag or tote that says, ‘Housework is for those who don’t know how to crochet or knit.’
  • Make your totes out from material that is sturdy and long lasting. Generally, totes are used for shopping. So, the more durable and stronger it is, the better.
  • Apart from quotes, giving out facts on the bags will have a good reception.
  • You can make use of both the sides of tote bags by writing a question on one side and the answer to it on the other side. Also, choose this question and answer relevant to your business. This creates some kind of positive interest among people.

If you have any more ideas, please do write an email to us. You can also show us your creatively done totes. We will be glad to publish it to the whole world, of course with due credits to you.

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