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Do You Know At What Ceiling Height Chandelier Lights To Be Fixed?

Chandelier lights can function like sparkly jewels for your room, particularly your dining room. Not only your chandelier light will provide essential light and ambiance, but also will function as your room’s focal point.  Nowadays, you will find endless jewelry styles, and depending upon the décor of your home, you can select your chandelier.

Selecting a perfect chandelier meant for your dining space having high ceilings may be a bit challenging. The Sofary, who is a well-known supplier of many different designs of chandelier lights usually publish many blogs on their website that can be quite useful to read for the selection of perfect chandelier light for your home.

At what height should you hang a chandelier?

  • For 9’ ceilings

You must aim a minimum of seven feet above your floor level. The ideal height should be 7’6” above the floor.

  • For 10’ ceilings

If your ceiling height is 10’ or higher, then the sweet spot will be 7’6” from the floor will be fine.

  • For 12’ ceilings

With a ceiling height of 12’ foot, you may hang your chandelier at the height of 8’ from the ground, however, ensure that it is a minimum of 7’6” from the floor.

How to calculate the height of chandelier?

If you need not worry about hitting your head for the 7’ rule, the thumb rule of a designer is to allow 2.5” to 3” of chandelier for every foot of your ceiling height.

Let us then calculate here:

  • For 12’ ceilings – 12 X 2.5= 30 and 12 X 3 = 36

So, select a chandelier that should be 30”- 36” tall that will go with the 12’ ceilings. Also, take into account of the canopy and also chain length while doing these calculations.

  • For 10’ ceilings – 10 X 2.5 = 25 and 10 X 3 = 30

So, choose your chandelier that should be 25”- 30” tall that should go with the 10’ ceilings. Also, take into account your canopy and also chain length while doing these calculations.

  • For 9’ ceilings – Since there are clearance issues, you must select a chandelier/pendant light that should not be more than 24” tall.
  • For 8’ ceilings – Due to clearance issues, any small chandelier, semi-flush mount, or flushmount fixture will be best for 8’ ceilings rooms. The light should hang not be lower than 7’ from the floor, which means it should be about 12” tall, including pole, chain, and canopy.

How can you select the right size of your chandelier to be fixed above your dining table?

For that, you can also use your room dimensions calculation in the above manner, but a much better way would be to purchase a chandelier that should be at least 50% of the width of your dining table.

Let us say, you have a 60” round table, then a chandelier, which is 30” in diameter will be perfect. In case your table is extra long that measures 48” X 72”, then go with a chandelier that is 24” in diameter.

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