Where to Find Good Scrap Metal and How to Acquire It

If you are in the market for scrap metal, there are a variety of places to look. Due to its usage in construction scrap metal can be a valuable commodity. Businesses and independents can bring in an acceptable amount of profit by becoming scrap metal vendors. Others collect scrap for numerous purposes from artistic to practical. One thing is for certain, you have to know where to look to get good scrap. The choices range from common sense to obscure but can yield great finds. They can also land you in trouble. So, if you are new to the scrap metal business here are some tips on just where to start looking.

Shooting Ranges

The place to collect scrap metal depends on the unique circumstances of your individual situation. The type of purpose you need the metal for will determine the right place to look. If you want to acquire scrap for profit a shooting range is a good place to go. Shooting ranges will create quite the supply of spent shells, and brass shells fetch some coin at recycling plants. This requires you to set up an arrangement with the range itself to pick up spent shells. Depending on the range, they may pick up and sell the shells themselves.

Steel and Machine Shops

Shops that work with metal all day will have a decent output of scrap. This scrap metal can be valuable for a wide variety of purposes. Depending on the size of the shop you may be able to procure truckloads of scrap metal. As shops deal in different types of metal, the output you get could carry nice value. Steel and machine shops may use their scrap metal though, so an arrangement to pick up scrap needs to be a professional transaction. They may charge a price, or openly thank you for helping them with their waste problem.


Many charities do not accept large appliances. So, when someone donates a fridge, washer, stove, large T.V., etc. they have no real plan to do anything with it. The hassle is too difficult for the charity to deal with. Most end up taking those appliances and either dumping them or recycling them. This means that there is a good possibility that you could get your hands on those appliances for little to no money. This could provide great profit if your area of scrap metal pertains to large appliances.

Construction Sites

Construction sites also provide a good place to find scrap metal cincinnati oh. They deal in large quantities of metal and always have scrap left behind. Working a deal out with them can provide quite a lot of industrial grade metal. Excellent if you are a vendor.

Finding good scrap is key to any kind of scrap metal endeavor. Always remember that simply asking is a never a bad idea. Many have no designs on using the left-over metal and are happy to have an option available.

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