How to Choose The Most Relevant Writing Style For Your Article?

How to Choose The Most Relevant Writing Style For Your Article?

The writing style of the author depends on the mood, aptitude and the given topic. It also shows how a writer heeds to the requirements of the intended audience. Although we may not feel but the writing style varies from one author to another. There are certain categories under which similar type of writers fall. Facts and Figures

Writers who adopt this style are bound to contain their instincts. These can be precisely explained as a passive form of customer support. A perfect example is frequently asked questions page on the websites. Precision is very important in such a style. Always try to avoid round off figures when adopting this mode of writing. Narrative People who can explain a certain point with the help of an example, event or some personal experience can adopt this form of writing style. Try to use a factual example. You can use an imaginary example but don’t forget to relate each event. The major cause of failure of such writings is deviation from the focus. Keep it to the point throughout. Divisive As an article writer, to attract traffic to your website, it is very beneficial to write conflict ridden text. However don’t go to an extreme where majority of the people start loathing your conflict. Just keep some room for the general point of view without mentioning it. There are many factors to which the writer should pay attention in order to make the reader interested. These can relate to the writer as well as the reader. Audience & Time Factor The audience is the most important component in the success of any article. Use conversational tone if the article is to be posted at some blog. Age group of the audience also matters in particular topics. The time frame also matters in giving out some information. People will rarely take interest in obsolete products. Taste of the Writer Every writer has an explicit taste. Some write on technology, others on fiction, and yet others on history. You won’t expect J.K. Rowling to write on electronics or computers. Readers when looking for a new book will always look for the author they love. When encountered with two similar titles, they are inclined to buy the one written by a renowned author in the field. Same goes for article writing. Preferred Tone Use active voice in article writing. Passive voice requires more attention from the reader in order to be properly understood. Many writers on technical and scientific topics use verbs masked by nouns from the help of another verb. They use it unconsciously but this habit can be eradicated by practice.

Optimization & Coherence Don’t use buttery words. Abstain from words synonymous with other words in a single sentence. However don’t forget to convey the exact meaning to the reader. Don’t use long expression in headings especially when you think that you don’t have enough material to write under it. Subheadings should be coherent. The relationship that is conveyed in one heading’s expression must be found in other headings. The most relevant writing style is selected by the author’s aptitude and the audience’s requirement. Different writing styles are practiced out of which factual, narrative and conflict ridden are the most popular. The writing style must satisfy different constraints such as optimization of words, coherence of expressions and active form of speech.

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