Hazards of water damage and how to treat it

Water can damage your property in many ways. The damage can be due to any plumbing problem in your house or business place or the source of water can be from outside your property.

Inside the property, a pipe could burst in floor or wall and cause flooding. Or there could be a problem of discharging sewage due to blockage of pipes or drains. The filthy water does not go down the drains and remains on surface, leading to foul smell and health hazards if it comes in contact with you or your belongings.

Flood caused by river or seawater can also damage your property as well as a rainstorm. And if your sump pump is broken in such situations, your basement could become flooded and your belongings could get destroyed. The water can destroy your electricity, furniture, other appliances and carpeting.

During winter season if pipes are not heated properly by a heating system, water inside them could freeze. As ice occupies more space than water, it would lead to bursting of pipes.

If water damage by any of these means is not treated i.e. dried and dehumidified in time, it could lead to mold and mildew growth. Mold can grow on damp carpeting and drywall. Mildews can grow on furniture and carpets. Their spores take only 24 to 48 hours to grow and germinate. This would not only cause a bad smell in your house or business place but the microorganisms that grow in these areas can also be a source of serious health problems.

In such situations, you require the water damage cleanup services of someone professional. If you call them for help, the service providers would first extract the water and then do the drying, cleaning up, dehumidifying, deodorizing and repairing processes.

By doing all of this, they are doing mold remediation and removing the current mold and mildew and eliminating the additional spores. And helping you limit the risk of diseases that could be caused by those microorganisms and also decreasing the possibility of their growth in future. By deodorizing, they are also getting rid of the bad smell.

The certified technicians usually do the drying by wet-vacuuming, opening windows, using dehumidifiers, air blowers or fans.

The experienced workers at restoration pros know what to do in such situations. They are specialized in this work and would always be available whenever you contact them. After assessing the situation, they would make the recovery plan with you and not do anything not approved by you.

Make sure you are insured. Normally, insurance for water damage of a homeowner comes under their home insurance but there are some exceptions. Flood water damage mostly does not come in this policy. But you can get the policy for water damage due to flood. Also, water damage because of the owner’s negligence would not be covered by it. Only when the water damage is sudden, caused by someone else to harm you or due to a sudden burst pipe, it would be covered by your insurance policy.

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