An Easy Way To Two Point Conclusion Writing

An Easy Way To Two Point Conclusion Writing

Writing Conclusions A conclusion brings an end to any essay and completes the whole arguments. It not only sums up the points but also gives a final standpoint on the topic. So, whether you are writing a conclusion for a research paper or a scientific study, you always need to highlight strong ideas in a precise manner.

Remember that in order to write an effective concluding paragraph you need to reflect the essence of what you have argued on in the earlier paragraphs. In academic writing, two point conclusions are, typically enclosed for comparative analysis. Importance of Writing a Two Point Conclusion A two point conclusion is used for those papers that involve comparative analysis as the main thrust of the essay. At any point of your academics, you might be asked by your teacher to write a comparative essay. So, whether you analyze two government structures, leadership styles or two different writings by Shakespeare, the key point is that you have to build a strong thesis statement along with a well build concluding paragraph to grab the attention of your readers. A comparative analysis may further discuss in a way that you put forward a case pro and against something or sometimes you may also ask to evaluate different events, views, things or characters. Whatever the case may be, you always need to draw a strong conclusion that can better highlight your investigation and contrast. Prepare a Two Point Conclusion for your Comparative Analysis As already mentioned, whatever the comparisons and contrasts you discuss in your essay, you always require to give a general and brief summary including the most important and key points of the discussion. Discuss the similarities as well as the differences in a defined manner. Here I am writing a conclusion example to make the concept clear in your mind. Just have a look. Example of a Two Point Conclusion For example you are going with a psychology topic and analyzing two different approaches regarding counseling.

These approaches may include psychodynamic counseling vs. person-centered therapy. So, you may summarize the two by enclosing the similarities that in both the cases, the main objective is always to facilitate the insight of an individual and to provide him/ her, the new experiences. Therapeutic actions are also planned to achieve these goals. In both the cases, the counselors always try to offer maximum possible respect and valued attitude to their clients. On the other hand, there are differences between the two. Psychodynamic counseling deals with in-depth therapy of the client and reveals the unconscious of the psyche. Various techniques are intervened to comfort the psychological condition of the client whereas person-centered therapy is formulated to create a sense in the inner of the client through which he can judge feelings, attitudes and behaviors that affected his personality in a negative way. So, from above mentioned example or a sample closing for writing a two point conclusion, you can easily judge how eight to ten lines may play be enough for making your two point conclusion more valued and effective.

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