African Bibliography

African Bibliography

Introduction to African Bibliography The African Bibliography refers to a guide of all the works that have been made in African studies whether deals with African names, African Food, African Culture, African Art or Clothing etc. African bibliography is extensively published under various African institutes annually.

This article deals with the records that participate in placing the foundation of African bibliography. So, it is a precise but rich source for all those who are interested in African studies. Foundations of an African Bibliography The foundation of African Bibliography resides on all those elements that participate in the creation of books, journal and all published material related to African studies. For example the journal of Africa, basically, deals with the study of culture and societies in Africa. This journal involves interdisciplinary approach. This means that it involves a number of subjects including social sciences, environmental sciences and humanities. This journal further aims to highlight the work and contributions of local writers and thinkers present in Africa. Furthermore, it highlights the emerging cultural trends of Africa along with informed theoretical analysis of the social realities. In this journal, knowledge is published in term of articles and short researches. Sections of the African Bibliography When we talk about African studies and work, we may see various sections in this regard. Generally, it includes geology and geography, climate, African people, economy and outline of history etc. All these sections deal with the various aspects of study including African food, art, clothing, culture, animals etc. A brief description of some important sections is described below. 1) Geology & Geography As far as the terrain of Africa is related, it is mostly composed of plateaus. The continent is composed on rocky surface and relatively narrow band of coastal area. Nile is the largest river present here. Related to the geography of Africa, several books have been published dealing with the terrain of this region. Geologically, African bibliography also participated a lot and lots of books and work have been published related to the areas confined to North West and East Africa. 2) Climate Africa is most often divided into six climatic regions based on the varying degree of temperature in different areas of the continent. However, most of the areas share a common aspect and have very high temperatures throughout the year. Lots of studies and work have been published regarding climate of Africa. Some deal in general while others may deal specific areas like those regions in Africa that are present near the equator or the tropical Savanna climatic regions. Sahara desert is also a point of focus in different writings which are dealing with the climate of Africa.

3) African People, Economy and History Next to it, African bibliography covers some other areas like African people, economy and history. The population in Africa accounts 12% of the total world’s population. This population is distributed among 54 nations which have further linguistic and cultural diversities. So, great deals of work have been done regarding the languages and culture of Africa. You may also get an easy access to the books related to the economy and history of Africa.

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