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Why Bulk Electropolishing is a Smart Investment

Stainless steel parts must be polished, but rack electropolishing of each part can require a lot of time. Benefits of electropolishing are improved corrosion resistance, ultra cleaning, improved micro-finish values for up to 50%, and de-burning of metal parts contaminations.

Small parts like screws, nuts, fasteners, washers, etc., can be polished in a bucket. Unlike rack polishing of parts, electropolishing is cost-effective.

Besides stainless steel, electropolishing can improve the corrosion resistance of copper, aluminum, carbon steel, brass, and many other metal parts. After the cathode enters bucket with parts for electropolishing, it will remove embedded iron, contaminants, heat tint, and oxide scale.

The oxygen-rich finish and the removed skin surface of the part have a positive influence on durability. The micro finish has an essential role in preventing wear and increasing the performance of metal parts.

The only concern was that tumbling of parts might damage or degrade the appearance of the small parts by removing the polarization film, which is required when electropolishing. But with new technology, company Able Electropolishing found a way to prevent wear during the bulk electropolishing process of parts.

There are three methods of bulk electropolishing, so it can be done in titanium cylinders, titanium trays, and in the bulk machine.

Besides improving quality, electropolishing has a high impact on the aesthetic appearance of parts. Fine-polished, shiny parts will attract customers, and what is most important, if you decide to bulk electropolish your parts, your customers will return over and over again.

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