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What are The Treatments Available for Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is not something that a man can talk about in public. It is one of those very personal matter that a man would not want to discuss even with his close friends. Erectile dysfunction is not something that occurs by birth but there are many medical, psychological and social factors that contribute to its growth as the person age. It is one of those bodily disorders which directly hampers the self-confidence of a man because every man is proud of his manhood and if he cannot deliver in bed then it shatters his life to a great extent.

Erectile dysfunction is not a traditional bodily disorder but it can rather be stated as a modern lifestyle disorder that is affecting more and more youth these days. Erectile dysfunction in the past was related to old age but today because of bad lifestyle like consumption of too many prescription drugs, alcohol, recreational drugs, smoking etc. have greatly contributed to rising cases of erectile dysfunction. It’s a growing concern for men these days and they should be aware of the treatments available for it.

So what are some of the treatments available to eliminate erectile dysfunction?


People suffering from erectile dysfunction can take drugs related with a group called phosphodiesterase- 5. This drug group is known to relax muscles and increase the flow of blood in the compartments of the penis. Generic Cialis, Viagra are some of the commonly used medications from the group to curb erectile dysfunction. But Cialis generic or Viagra are only to be taken after the consultation with a doctor because a person suffering from heart problems, kidney problems or liver ailments must avoid it.

Surgical treatment:

For a person suffering from erectile dysfunction the only resort he has in the last is going under the knife.  There are several surgical treatments like the penile implants and vascular surgery conducted these days to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction. The surgical treatment is only done in the most extreme cases but the good news is that the success rate of surgical treatments is high but the time can vary from person to person.

Vacuum Devices:

The effectiveness of vacuum devices is not scientifically proven. It is one of the handy mediums for people who do not want to undergo surgery or want to use drug treatments. The vacuum device is designed in such a way that it seals around the penis and draws blood up making the penis rigid. To stop the flow of blood from going back an accompanying band is used. This way the rigidness of the penis is kept maintained.

Some people instead of opting for the advised treatments opt for dietary supplements and alternative treatments but the result from these methods is simply a big zero. So instead of going the wrong way take help of your doctor and consult with him because he can suggest you the best alternative that can work for you and help you treat your erectile dysfunction. So don’t be a doctor yourself and take expert help because wrong alternatives will only waste your time and money and the results will be none.

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