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Three Advantages of Customized Sheet Metal Products

Customized sheet metal fabrications come in all sizes and shapes to suit your needs. However, you must get these custom services from a reliable company if you want to attain your production goals. Using various specialized techniques and tool, the experts can create numerous customized metallic products to help you with your specific manufacturing challenges.

But, why should you consider getting custom sheet metal fabrication instead of the standard products steel manufacturer’s make? Although stock sheet metal form is an already established design which is produced quickly, there are numerous benefits of getting customized sheet metal products instead. This includes:

Enhanced Useful Life

One of the major pros of using a sheet metal product that’s tailor-made for your application is that it’s built to withstand the unique stresses of your application. Generalized standards are usually employed to produce stock metal products. However, a customized metal product is made with the right metallic materials or alloys to boost its resistance to temperatures, chemicals, and forces that are involved in your day to day manufacturing processes.

For instance, let’s say you have a process that involves salt water spray. In this application, it would be unwise to use plain steel because it won’t last long; the chlorides in the water will corrode the steel product. Therefore, you will need customized metallic material to create your product, like Grade 316 stainless steel. This product can withstand the processes easily. This simple change or customization will greatly extend your products useful life and give you value for your money. In turn, the need to replace the products will reduce, reducing your overall business expenses.

Compatibility with Your Other Components

Do you always buy common products for certain standardize parts like hard disk drive housings? Well, most manufacturers need specialized designs to increase efficiency in their production processes. Customized products are designed to fit perfectly in the machine – a pre-existing design that isn’t manufactured for a certain machine may not fit optimally.

Increases Efficiency

When you get a product that has been optimized to suit the needs of a specific process, your processes will be more efficient and effective. The other way to boost process efficiency would be to minimize the duration it takes to shift from one process to the other. You can achieve this by ensuring you get sheet metal forms that are compatible with numerous processes so that the same product can be used in each process without moving parts to another application.

This way, you will save some minutes of your time every time your load needs to transition to another finishing process. For example, if your manufacturing process involves three transfers, saving approximately 2 minutes on each will save you 6 minutes for every load. So, if you usually produce 10 leads in one hour, your productivity will increase to 11 loads. It’s clear that custom sheet metal fabrications are beneficial compared to using standardized or stock products which cost less at fast but will make you incur extra expenses later. You can always learn more about sheet metal fabrication when you contact a reliable company in your locality.

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