How Does Motor Protection Relay Protect a Motor?
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How Does Motor Protection Relay Protect a Motor?

Normal public in general don’t know and understand that the starting current for a motor is 3-6 times higher than the normal current that it requires during normal running. This brings us to the point that this is why these products need protection and when it comes to their protection, nothing could be better than a motor protection relay. In some cases, you will be told that this is really a normal thing for them and it is only in the initial 30-60 seconds that they have to experience this high current period. Other than motor protection relays, several other things are really helpful when it comes to enabling them to tackle these 60 seconds robustly and some of them are discussed in this post. A Fuse

According to the experts, this can offer a good amount of protection in such circumstances, but in most cases, it has proved as an inadequate solution. These fuses are large enough to allow the necessary current to pass through and let the machine start, but on the other hand, they lack the capability to protect it from overheating. It is important to know that this overheating mostly occurs in the windings and this could happen even in normal running load condition too. Circuit Breaker This is yet another solution to be used in this process, but experts say that these circuit breakers generate almost identical results as the fuses. They too fail to protect the instrument from overheating from the interiors that is always dangerous for the machine. Motor Protection relays Amongst all of them, motor protection relays have emerged as one of the most impressive solutions in helping them tackle these 60 seconds. They offer high quality protection and at the same time, they are compatible with both starting current of the circuit as well as the requirements associated with the protection in overload conditions. Experts of samwha say that to keep things functioning properly, you need to make sure that the conditions are more adjustable. For this, it is important for you to understand that this machine that requires 56 seconds starting time under normal load can suffer serious damaged. This would happen for sure if the motor locks and the machine is not tripped within 20 seconds. Similarly, another motor may be able to withstand 25 percent overload for around half hour, but here it is worth knowing that a hermitically sealed compressor machine can burn in as less as 3 minutes under 25 percent overload. These two points reveal before us the importance of devices like motor protection relay as they offer good quality protection against overheating of windings. These devices are often embedded into the windings and there, they act as sensors to trigger a temperature control circuit to stop the machine. But if you are thinking about using a thermal overload relay, you need to keep in mind that it uses a heating element to heat up a bimetallic strip. It does this to make sure that it can trip a latch that will open the control circuit and this action disconnects the motor from the line.

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