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Emergency repair of broken pipes

Water supply lines and drain lines are important element in every residential and commercial property. Due to constant usage of clean water and drainage of waste water in a building can cause different plumbing issues. You may find your water lines start leaking late at night or your drain lines got blocked at some of day. People coming home from jobs at odd hours may find that they need plumbers help immediately to resolve the issues and minimize the cost and water damage.

Emergency plumbers works differently as compare to a plumber providing routine services. Some plumbing issues need immediate expert repair so that problems should be addressed properly while minimizing the damage and cost. Sometimes trying to solve minor issues, they get out of hand and become bigger and complicated due to unqualified handling. In doing so you may harm yourself and damage your property.

Whatever is your plumbing emergency, you can call Powerhouse Plumbers in emergencies and also for routine maintenance and installation. They provide wide range of emergency plumbing services at any time of day and night. They serve in issues regarding gas and plumbing both.

Powerhouse Plumbers have qualified staff that are expert and trained in repairing, replacing, installing and maintenance of plumbing system and accessories. They can reach your property to provide you excellent plumbing services in sometimes complicated and dangerous plumbing problems.

Leakage or burst pipes are major plumbing emergencies and need quick response for repair. Sometimes burst pipe is inside the wall or under the floor and not visible to eye. An expert plumber can easily find the broken or leaking pipe using his skills and tools.

Home owner should be aware of all shut-off valves water supply lines in your building and shut them off in case of emergencies to stop flow of water till the expert help comes. This will minimize the water flooding and damage in house.

There are many reasons of burst or broken pipes:

Frozen pipes

Due to heavy snowfall, the water pipes tend to freeze water inside them. Pipes expand as water turned into ice and burst. Old pipes get corrode and rusty and break easily.


Repair and new construction in house or neighboring house can damage and cause leakage or break water supply lines especially which are situated under the house. The digging process easily damage and break the underground pipe lines.

Tree roots

Tree roots near house grow and spread abnormally underground and cause damage to old, rusty pipes by making holes.

Poor plumbing

Old plumbing system, poor quality pipes and fittings are a main reason of broken pipes or leakage in joints. Poor plumbing material gets rusty and corrosion easily and quickly and need replacement.

Broken or leaking pipes can waste gallons of water and cost large amount of money in water bill. If leaking pipes remain undetected for longer period of time and cause erosion, mold, poor water flow and warped and stained walls and wooden floors. Proper maintenance can help you identify the leaks and have them fix prior to major disaster.

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