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Ahh, The Dallas Skyline. You Didn’t Build That

The staggering intellect of structural engineers built the Dallas skyline. The people who design and erect the structures of today are the only people who can say “I built that”. Construction, and the hard-working people who dedicate their lives to it, are those who have built this country with their bare hands. No others can make such claims.

The world if full of wonderful engineers and tradesmen, however, Dallas construction engineers seem to have an aura about them. Indeed, all the people of the Lone Star State seem to have that certain something that can only be defined as pure Americana. They are world famous for being bigger and better than the rest. Maybe it’s the air, or maybe it’s the food. Perhaps the universe really does revolve around Texas, only The Shadow knows for sure.

The engineers in the mighty city of Dallas have created, and are continuing to create, the finest structures around. The study of construction engineering is very exact, and leaves no room for error, however, the construction industry is also rooted in creativity. It’s a visual art more than anything else. From the drawing table to a building that scrapes the sky, structural engineers have the tools, and the knowledge to bring the very imagination into the 3rd dimension.

This may all sound very fluffy and overstated. It isn’t. The engineering of buildings requires rock solid science, which itself requires a rock-solid education. To list all the requirements here would make this article a collage course, therefore, simply stating that being an engineer in the construction industry is one of the most sought-after career paths of today.

Dallas is growing rapidly these days, and the demand for great engineers for construction is high. That Dallas is one of the best places to live makes the rapid growth much more intense, not to mention the popularity of the entire Dallas region. This is an area truly conducive to cutting edge construction. Not only does Dallas have some of the finest engineers in construction around, many of the advanced projects are attracting great construction engineers from around the world. Of course, once they visit, the natural Texas hospitality makes them stay.

The history of structural engineering is ancient, and many of the advanced techniques of building great structures today, are the result of centuries of building evolution. The top engineers of today have a firm grasp of classic techniques, and they are indeed pioneering many new techniques. These advances include, but are not limited to, materials research, structural tolerances, foundational methods and interior climate control systems.

The construction engineering artist has a very diverse pallet, and the 3D works of art they construct are true masterworks. Though there are many different trades and professions involved in commercial, and even residential construction, they all come together as a team, and the results are most impressive. This is an industry that is limited only by the imagination. Next time you see the Dallas skyline, thank an engineer.

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