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Everything That You Must Know About Facebook Retargeting Ads Strategy

Facebook retargeting ads are powerhouse advertising features of this platform. They will help you in reaching out to those users who already know your brand, either through a customer list or through certain activities on your website that must have been captured by your tracking pixel.

It will be quite a win-win situation for the customer as well as for the advertiser since users will more likely to get engaged with ads from certain brands that they are well aware of and trust.

If you are still not running any retargeting campaigns on Facebook, then you are missing out on a very huge goldmine. Australian Internet Advertising is one professional agency, who can guide you well with your FaceBook advertising and also retargeting.

Why should you make use of Facebook retargeting?

There is also a good reason for using Facebook retargeting ads besides reaching your different audiences throughout your own marketing funnel and that is VERY HIGH ROI.

Every dollar that you will invest in this remarketing campaign, you will earn back two or even more. The following are a few remarketing statistics:

  • Retargeting will reduce your cart abandonment by almost 6.5%.
  • Marketing agencies who keep a special budget amount for remarketing is 68%.
  • Retargeting can beat all other strategies of ad placement with an efficiency rate of 1.046%.
  • The product appeal is usually the main reason why 37% of customers will click a retargeted ad.
  • Facebook has used for online advertising where retargeted are 67%.

Also, according to eMarketer, almost 3 out of 5 online US buyers notice ads for those products that they have seen on websites previously.

Looking at the above statistics, who will miss this opportunity?

Facebook retargeting strategies for this year

  1. To create a non-rushed sales funnel

When people see your new ad, then initially they may not convert, however, you need to have a little more patience. Only slow and steady approach will win in this kind of game.

Here the ad funnels will come into the picture, where you may push all your users into your funnel’s next stage with retargeted ads. To set up your funnels is the most common reason any brand create their retargeting ads on Facebook.

  1. Showing customers items that they loved

If there is something that you were tempted to buy, but did not buy probably due to shortage of funds. However, if the same item again pops up on your Facebook feed then you may be tempted to buy if you have funds available now.

If customers visit different product pages available on your site, which indicates strong intent to buy.

  1. Re-engaging your lost customers

Every business has a few clients who must have drifted off, however, quite a few of them must be waiting and are ready to convert. Such customers just need a right nudge.

These retargeting campaigns are designed to contact those users who may not have purchased for some time to reengage them.

  1. Reminding your customers of abandoned carts

Depending upon the type of industry the rate of global cart abandonment is presently sitting at almost 75%. Using your retargeting campaigns may help you to convert a big chunk of all those abandoned carts, which prevented you to convert some of them for potential sales.

  1. The “Achievement Unlocked” strategy

If you have your mobile app then that can also be your part of the retargeting strategy. These apps can do everything right from offer value for making it easier for any user to buy.

  1. Sequencing ads

This kind of retargeting strategy can work by setting certain specific time windows for each individual ad available in a multi-ad series, to ensure that users available within your target audience will most likely to see all those ads in the same order that you designed to convert them.

Now you need to decide what windows will work for you, and also what most of the high-value offers will be. Then, you must set up your retargeting campaign from your website traffic, and then create a different individual advertisement for different timelines.

Facebook retargeting can offer a change in the quality and quantity of your leads. Hopefully, this article has revealed a little bit of that mystery.

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