Essential Tools For Working Remotely
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Essential Tools For Working Remotely

Working remotely can be a blessing or a boon, it really depends on how you approach it. People who work remotely usually find that it gives them more flexibility and control over their time. For others, the drawback is the lack of an actual office setting, which can lead to slacking. To ensure that you are at your productive best while working remotely, go through our list of remote working essentials. Hardware

Remote working requires you to have your own tools of the trade. For a writer, it might mean a good laptop, for a designer, it might mean having a Wi-Fi enabled digital pen that allows them to sketch. Invest in your hardware to work without major glitches every now and then. A good set of headphones, a mouse, and a good mic (especially if you conduct regular meetings) are just a few things to add to your to-get list. Software Working remotely requires you to be always ahead. If you are a manager, it is extremely important to have software that makes managing teams a piece of cake. provides tools that help you create and maintain checklists for tasks. Conduct opinion polls for meeting timings or approve leave requests, all in one place. Other software to use is time management software, to log in hours, or get software that keeps a tab on different time zones especially if your team is spread around the globe. Communication Tools

Communication tools have helped creative teams everywhere get work done faster. Whether you use Skype, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp or HipChat, make sure your entire team is on it. If you work with multiple teams, create different channels or groups for each. The best part about Zapty is that it can help in team communications as well with features like chatting, video calling, discussions, etc. For individual freelancers, a good phone with a working data connection is just as essential to staying in touch with all clients. Not being available for a chat or phone conversation is a quick way to lose clients. Collaborative Tools A chunk of remote workers are freelancers, and there is nothing better for them than free project management software. Zapty combines collaboration and communication all in one place. There is an active chat stream with a document-sharing feature. Proof reading for a document is easy because you just drag and drop it in the window. Depending on what you need, you might want to either check out or look at other collaborative tools. These tools will make your life much easier and help you manage time more efficiently while working remotely.

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