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Cerebral Palsy (Neurological Condition): All to Know About It

Cerebral palsy a neurological condition that basically affects the movements of the body and the severity can vary. This disease is the common form of the childhood disability and the condition arises when the patient can’t move some of the body parts of it. There is a misconception regarding this disease that the condition gets worse according to the age and it affects the intellectual part of the person.

But it’s not true although the part of the brain is affected and the person can have its voluntary or involuntary movements are affected and sometimes both. Cerebral palsy is not the contagious disease and it is not progressive. A long treatment is needed for such persons suffering from this disease.

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People can have the normal and good life with this disease. Without affecting the intelligence one can lead a good life and can see the symptoms getting improved over time. What’s the cause of this disease that it surrounds many of the people? The cerebrum is the part of the brain that controls the muscle movements and when there is any sort of damage in this particular part before or during five years then a child suffers from this disease.

As this part is also responsible for the learning, memory, and communication so some of the people have a problem with learning and communication. When the newborn deprive the supply of oxygen then this condition can occur. Many times it has been seen that child have hearing and vision problem when suffering from this disease.


  • The main cause of this disease is the insufficient supply of oxygen in the brain but others factors are also responsible for it like PVL where the infant in the womb lack oxygen and this is the result of when the mother herself is suffering from low blood pressure and infection like rubella during pregnancy. Sometimes using illegal drugs during pregnancy increases the risk of cerebral palsy in the infant.
  • The second cause can be the abnormal development of the brain in the womb of the mother. In the first six months of the infant in the womb, there is the procedure of brain development. This damage can cause due to mutation or the infection like a parasitic or herpes-like virus.
  • When the fetus in the womb have some stoke then the condition can arise like intracranial hemorrhage where the bleeding occurs in the brain of the infant and the escaped blood can damage the surrounding tissue and also there can be clot formation. Untreated pre-eclampsia in the mother can also be a factor in this disease. Mother with a baby in her womb must be careful and punctual regarding the proper check-up and diet for their healthy baby.

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