Want to Study Medicine in Kazakhstan
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Want to Study Medicine in Kazakhstan

In recent few years, although a still evolving place for international studies, Kazakhstan and its universities are speedily emerging and claiming to a destination that needs to be on the higher level in terms of education. With time, the place has been progressing extensively as a regional centralized study hub known and been popular across Central Asia and prospective international students must be aware of prominent Karaganda State Medical University , and other institutes, local life and undeniably about the application procedure. The country has been a highly diversified country rich in culture, known for higher and better education sector with universities welcoming whole heartedly students and candidates from all over the world to study and grow in their respective areas. If you are the one looking to do MBBS in Kazakhstan, one of the very great options is leading and reputed Kazakh National Medical University. Known and treated as the best and top notch medical university in all of Kazakhstan, most of the experienced and talented physicians are affiliated with the same institute. Been founded in 1931, government has declared it as a national university in year 2001. Housed with over 11000 students, 1500 faculty members, 130 professors, 200 science doctors, and much more, it has been awarded with many accolades and state level awards.

Along with lending significance for MBBS in Kazakhstan, there are other medicinal areas as well in which one can prosper and the country is full with renowned medical institutes open for enrolment of international students. Known for its education and research, there is a specific application procedure to follow and get admission in such deemed medical institutes. In general the mandatory criterion is to have 50% rating scores and must have passed 12th standard education. Apart from this, Kazakhstan is known as the ninth biggest country of the world. Been popularly known as ‘Almaty – City of Apple Trees’, due to its mild climate and surroundings, the country is having a wide range of apples, considered as the genetic home for them. Many researchers and scientists from worldwide used to visit the area and gather more knowledge about the critical system of genetics and explore more about the domestic apple. In all, it is also counted as one of the dominant country across Central Asia in an economical way, generating about 60% of the area’s GDP, mostly through its gas and oil industry. The country is very much rich in natural and pure mineral resources.

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