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Stem Cell Storage is the Revolutionary Way to Secure a Healthy Future for Your Baby 

Collecting the umbilical cord fluid is easy and painless. This liquid has ten times more stem cells than bone marrow can provide. Umbilical cord stem cells rarely have any infectious diseases. There are rare odds of these stem cells being rejected by your child when they grow up. The blood of your umbilical cord has stem cells, which can treat various illnesses, such as cancer, immune system disorders, and blood-related diseases like anemia.

Process of Collecting Umbilical Cord Stem Cells

If you want to go for stem cell storage for your child after their birth, talk to your doctor. They will clamp the umbilical cord of your baby in two parts, about ten apart, and cut the cord to separate the baby from the mother.

The doctor will insert a needle into the umbilical cord and collect about 40 milliliters of blood from it. They will seal the blood in a bag and send it to a lab or cord blood bank to test and store. Usually, this process will complete a few minutes without having to cause any pain or discomfort to the mother and the baby.

Stem Cells Storage Options

There are three places where you can store stem cells so that you can use it for your baby’s healthy future. These include:

  • Public Cord Banks

Public cord banks offer stem cell services for free. They make umbilical cord fluid available for any family who needs it for their child.

  • Private Cord Banks

 Commercial cord banks store the umbilical cord blood only for the use of the donor and their family. These places are usually expensive to use. You will need to pay for processing charges and an annual fee for stem cell storage.

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