Medical Transcription in India Steps Into The Limelight
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Medical Transcription in India Steps Into The Limelight

Medical services outsourcing is a recent trend that most of the countries across the globe are now switching to. Medical transcription in India has been around for a while but has picked up pace off late. This facility was first introduced in the 1990s but eventually faded off due to lack of limelight. But now since the privatization of insurance companies and hospitals is increasing, services like transcription in India is gaining more importance. With the advancements in technology, the field of medical science has also evolved magnificently. We fall witness to innumerable innovative technologies and organized structures in the medical field that ensures the best care provided to the patients as well as the safety of the doctor’s reputation. The segment of Medical services outsourcing has increased manifold over the past decade. Clinics and hospitals in India are not always well equipped with all the facilities that a patient may require. So they generally outsource certain facilities that they cannot manage single handedly. Medical services outsourcing generally includes blood tests, MIRs, scans, transcriptions and several other related facilities. Moreover, outsourcing also increases the abilities and efficiency of the hospital or clinic. It allows the organization to focus on what they do best instead of improvising on what they aren’t really good at. This way, they ensure to offer the best services to the patients. So, an increase in medical services outsourcing will lead to increased efficiency of hospitals, clinics and other medical organizations.

Transcription in India was more widely used for other work from home jobs that required very little or no skill and gave unemployed people a chance to make some money. Transcription in India was always referred to listening to audio tapes and converting them in text format. Moreover, it also involved grammar corrections and lingual changes to a pre-drafted transcript. Gradually, the concept of transcription in India began to take a leap towards the field of medical science. People began to organize the medical structure more minutely to ensure maximum efficiency of functioning. Also, insurance companies began to privatize themselves and formulated well defined terms and conditions for medical insurances. This gave a call for the rise of medical transcription in India. Medical transcription in India is a relatively old concept but more recently highlighted. Doctors are now needed to audio record all the conversations that they share with their patients, which includes all the prescriptions those they give to the patients as a part of their treatment. These audio tapes are then sent to the transcription agency that provides this facility or at times, it is also done in-house within the medical institute itself. Medical transcription in India also enables the insurance agencies to gain proof or evidence of the truth behind all the medical prescriptions while passing a medical insurance. This service will benefit various other sectors in time to come and will be largely welcomed. It is just a matter of time when medical transcription in India will be the need of the hour!

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