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Foundation Cracks or Movement Could Mean a Slab Leak

Slab leaks can be extremely destructive to residential and business properties. If a leak goes undetected it can shift the soil under the slab and eventually shift the whole foundation. Professional plumbers have the proper equipment and knowledge on how to find slab leaks and fix the problem quickly.

Some of the obvious signs of a slab leak are if you see the foundation walls cracking or the foundation itself shifting. Buckling floors or warm spots on the floor are sure signs of something not right under foot. If there is a high-water bill, or if you see water in certain areas around the foundation, you can be assured there is a leak.

Trying to guess where your slab leak is can be a costly issue. If you try and find your slab leak yourself by digging up your yard or concrete areas, you may be making a bigger problem of your situation. To do a proper job some electronic detection tools are needed. You should call in a slab leak detection dallas expert to find your leak. These types of specialists will have the proper tools and the knowledge to find your leak before you dig up your yard.

Plumbers in Dallas will try and avoid excavation of your property by first using lateral tools to find the leak. They can then use new piping to bypass the leak. When the professionals first arrive at the home they will establish where all your pipes are located. They have the skills and tools to look for certain conditions to detect a leak.

Plumbers first narrow down where the leak is coming from. They use an acoustic disc and a microphone to listen for leaks. Even small leaks make a unique sound when escaping through pipes. The ground microphone can hear the smallest of leaks through heavy layers of concrete. Pressure sensor detectors can locate a spot in the foundation where water is escaping from pipes. The sensor can detect a change in pressure or temperature in any spot of the foundation.

The most powerful tool that plumbers have for detecting leaks is the video pipe cameras. With the video pipe camera, the plumber can see down through the inside of pipes. Long fiber optic cables hold the camera at one end. At the other end of the cable is a monitor that the plumber can watch and detect leaks.

Pinpointing the leak with powerful tools not only tells the plumber where the leak is, but also how large the leak is in the pipe. This is crucial information because it then tells the plumber a new pipe can be installed in place of the old one, or if the foundation needs to be dug up to replace large sections of piping. All this information allows the plumber to make the right choice on how to go about making the repairs.

Slab leaks should not be ignored. It could cost you thousands in repairs later, if they are ignored. Professional plumbers in Dallas, can restore the damage and keep harmful bacteria such as mold from contaminating your home or business.

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