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Effects of flooding on economy

Floods destroy both residential and commercial properties and impacts badly individuals and communities. Flood has unpleasant and significant shock on society and economy. Mostly the consequences of flood are negative, depending on the severity of flooding. The location, duration, depth and speed of flooding determine the losses and destruction of natural and constructed environment.

Every year thousands of people suffer due to floods. People want to go back to their homes and businesses after the flood water move away. They want to start afresh and rebuild. But it is not possible to start reconstruction so soon as wood absorb too much water after submerging in water.

Sadly water damage from flood has become common and costly disaster. Thousands of people, business men and homeowners, losses due to flooding, are not covered by their typical insurance policies.

Excessive rain and snow, hurricanes, heavy thunder storms are most common causes of flooding, including other reasons. Technology has made it possible to get information in advance from the FEMA Flood Map Service Center, which is the public source of flood hazard information. This is produced to support National Flood Insurance Program. You can use tools to find official flood map and to get better knowledge of flood risks. FEMA flood maps are constantly updated to give proper information to people.

Arkansas flood service constantly gives river forecast based on current conditions of the Arkansas River and rainfall forecasted for next 24 hours. They constantly give flood alerts and precautionary measures to everyone living near Arkansas River. The service announces preparedness alerts for the safety of life and property. Arkansas River is the country’s sixth longest river and prone to flooding easily in rainy season.

The immediate impact of flooding is losses of life, damaged properties, loss of live stock and destruction of crops. Contaminated flood water spread waterborne diseases and reason of bad health. The economy suffers as all activities decline. The people forced to leave their homes and business places. Source of communication and infrastructure such as power plants, railway lines, roads and bridges ruined because of flooding.

The loss of lives has long lasting impact on people especially children. The price of land reduces in floodplain. The businesses suffer and reduce the purchasing power of affected people. The clean water supply and power supply disrupt. Transport and communication sources are destroyed. The overall impact of flooding is negative and devastating on society and economy. It can take long time for people to come back to their normal lives.

Flood victims experience loss of their loved ones and have long lasting effects on their lives and minds. They find it hard to cope with their situation and face depression, anxiety, anger, fear, frustration, grief and sadness. During this situation they suffer from sleeping disorder and loss of appetite. They find it hard to deal in relationships. Besides mental issues, health related problems also occur due to contaminated flood water, which spread illness and fatal diseases.

Do not delays flood water damage cleanup process. Water extraction needs speedy action to prevent further damage to your property.

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