Avoiding Errors With Computerised Physician Order Entry
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Avoiding Errors With Computerised Physician Order Entry

While writing instructions or prescriptions on paper there are chances that a doctor may commit errors or the illegibility of the written material may lead to wrong administration of drugs. While to clarify such things, unnecessary wastage of time is inevitable but the more glaring result might be reflected in the unwanted complications arising due to allergic reactions that may further harm a patient’s health. It is for given that a medical practitioner would be expected to be extra-careful on his/her part to ensure that no errors are made on his/her end but in rare circumstances it is possible to commit silly mistakes that may unintentionally lead to delays or wrong diagnosis. To avoid these mistakes a process of computerised physician order entry has been developed. This system is basically an electronic means of entering instructions for the treatment of patients. There is a network of computers through which these instructions are communicated to the concerned officials in a matter of seconds. The obvious result is cutting down on delays, lesser mistakes and legibility. It can also alert for overdose of drugs as well. The system is linked with the healthcare information system and thus a treasure trove of information is made available to the user of CPOE that can be used for the treatment of a patient- like administering drugs that the patients are not allergic to based on their medical history. It stores data like medical records, tests and reports, images, state of health etc.

The codes and instructions can be standardised for an organisation for ensuring a uniformity of order and understanding. Its secure nature lets only those having the necessary qualifications to have an access to the sensitive data related to a patient. However one should know and understand all the risks and complications that might arise during and after the installation of these systems. Yasasii is comprehensive healthcare information system software designed for all types of healthcare facilities in different settings providing user-friendly interface designed by highly experienced and leading software architects. The simplicity of usage in turn helps in unraveling the complexities of daily operations and eliminating the usage of paper using advance healthcare information management systems. The ease of usage of a computerized physician order entry coupled with Decision Support System and Knowledge Management System simplify and reduce the work of healthcare providers, improve work flow, minimizing clinical errors, plugging leakages and increasing overall staff productivity.

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