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Why Should You Rent a Dumpster for Your Project

Big projects usually create big amounts of waste. While many people don’t want to put the money towards a dumpster rental service trenton nj, it can save money in the long run and make the project much easier to complete. While you may think that dumpsters are for bigger projects than yours, you may be surprised about how they could benefit you and your work site.

Dispose of Bigger Items

You may be considering just hauling the bigger items from your project to the dump site yourself, but have you considered just how much gas and extra time that is costing? While smaller items may be easy to just throw in the trash, bigger items aren’t so easy and there may be regulations that prevent them from just being set to the curbside. Things like carpet, siding, roofing, and furniture can take up a lot of space in even the biggest pickup trucks.


While waiting for standard waste removal, piles of debris can pile up and cause a safety hazard. If trash is not disposed of properly it can also create considerable hazards to the environment as well. By renting a dumpster and having somewhere to consolidate all of the trash instead of waiting to get rid of it later, you are creating a healthier and safer environment without as many risks of tripping and exposure. There are also dangers in having to unload the debris at a dumpsite if you decide to try to dispose of it yourself.

Throw Away Almost Anything

With regular curbside trash pickup, there are a considerable amount of laws that regulate what you can throw away when compared to dumpsters. To reduce the risk of infestation and other problems, many cities require you to wrap upholstered furniture in plastic before they haul it away. There are also many regulations concerning yard waste, construction waste, and electronics that need to be considered when planning for how to dispose of the waste created by your project.

Less Confusing Than Hiring Junk Removal Services

The idea of hiring a junk removal service seems like a good idea, but in many cases, there can be a lot of confusion that can cause you to lose things you’d like to keep in the process. The junk needs to be pre-sorted before they get there or your chances of there being a mistake increases. While the idea of hauling things to the dumpster yourself may not seem appealing, it can save a lot of frustration in the long run.

More Efficient

Without a dumpster, it can be difficult to find places for all of your waste. Instead of having to find containers for the produced trash or make new piles, there is a designated spot for trash that can eliminate any confusion. There are no decisions to make about what will happen to the trash. At the end of the job, all of the waste can be removed at once with minimal hassle.

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