Safety and Handling of Rigging Equipment

Safety and Handling of Rigging Equipment

Rigging equipment is used for lifting up of heavy objects. It is a process which is used to hook any heavy object to enable it to be lifted. The objects that are lifted are too heavy so a lot of care should be taken and the risk involved in the process is also too high. A slight mistake can lead to severe potential hazards. Rigging Equipment1 How to handle Rigging Equipment: The use of this equipment is not an easy task so certain precautions should be taken while handling which are as follows: Maintenance: Equipment should be properly used and maintained as it includes high maintenance. Training: Handling of this equipment is not easy, thus the person handling it must be given proper training before using the same. Education: The person handling this must be given proper guidance about its use, safety measures, inspection of the site, etc. Safety Tips for Rigging Equipment: For the proper use and handling of the equipment, it is important to understand the working of that. Safety tips for handling the rigging equipment include: Inspection: Before using the rigging, it should be thoroughly inspected by an expert through a diligent inspection to ensure its safety. Ideally, the equipment should be inspected properly before every use in the shift.

Health personal: The person who is allotted for handling the rigging should be in sound condition. Any default or malfunction should not be avoided as it may lead to fatal damage. Maintenance: The equipment which has certain defect should be repaired immediately before it is taken for any use. If the has excess damage then it shall be discarded as use of defective may lead to potential hazards. Work details: Before handling the equipment, the person in charge must be aware how much is the maximum capacity that can be lifted using this. One must also have knowledge about what types of hitches can be used, what are the identification marks, other information like the number of legs, required angle and length, etc. Management: The person handling this must put the heavy load at the proper location where it needs to be placed. The place where the heavy weight is unloaded, there should be no worker in at that desired place as it may hurt that person. Use of sign boards: Proper sign boards should be made and placed at various locations in order to prevent the damage. The sign board ‘do not enter’ should be placed where the unloading of the material takes place. Rigging Equipment Manufacturer’s instruction: All contain instruction manual and various recommendations that need to be followed while handling the equipment. Servicing: To ensure that the rigging equipment is functioning properly it should undergo regular inspection and servicing.

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