Along With Company Account And Audit Its Time To Gain More Services

Along With Company Account And Audit Its Time To Gain More Services

In accordance to the Trade Marks Ordinance Cap. 559 followed by Trade Marks Rules, Cap.559A came into force on and from 4th April 2003 in Hong Kong anyone including a foreign company or individual can apply to register their trademarks in Hong Kong without nationality restriction or residency requirement. Replacing the earlier Trade Mark Ordinance Cap 43 in the new substantive legislation of 2003 the procedure of Trademarks Registration in Hong Kong is mostly simplified and this has also streamlined the procedures for the registration of assignments and other register able transaction like licensing. A newly registered trademark is valid for the first 10 years of registration and thereafter it is renewable indefinitely for further periods of 10 years each by paying the renewal fees only. In other words if a registered trade mark has not been in use consecutively for more than 3 years may be revoked by the authority on receipt of any application submitted by a third party even. Besides this new simplified legislation there are several stages and procedures like filing of application, deficiencies checking, search and examination cum hearing, publication for opposition etc. to get the registered mark. This process needs some specialised support to make the application and other procedures full proof. JV Consultants Limited in Hong Kong is the leading and best service provider with their expertise to help the promising entrepreneurs. Share Transfer

A procedure for transfer of shares in a Hong Kong Private Company is a complicated job. The JV Consultants Limited is also providing complete package of corporate and business related services like Share Transfer in Hong Kong which needs a specialised professional approach to complete any transaction over shares. It involves: Preparation of Instrument of Transfer and Bought and Sold Note and minutes of the Board of Director’s Meeting etc. with relevant transfer documents Preparation of such transfer documents for the signature of transferor and transferee Calculation of Stamp Duty Submission of such eligible transfer documents together with the supporting documents before the Stamp Duty Officer for execution Paying stamp duty following exact procedure Preparations of new share certificates and update the Register of Members. Delivering the set of documents to the clients. Some of the notable points regarding Share Transfer in Hong Kong From March 03, 2014 the authorized capital is abolished thus shares in a company have no nominal value onwards. Total number of share capital and total amount of Issued and Paid up capital only remains now. Procedure of Share Transfer in Hong Kong for a Start-up Company is much simple and can be completed within 2-3 days if fulfils some prior condition like amount of net assets etc. In case of old business companies, within 3 months from date of transfer of shares- a set of share transfer documents must be submitted together with the latest audited financial statements of accounts to calculate amount of stamp duty to be paid Amount of stamp duty is 0.2% on the highest value whichever is applicable among the following On value of shares transferred, Value of net assets of the company Amount of consideration Under the company secretary service provided by this consultancy service transfer of share capital will be more quick and easier. Apart from the Trademarks Registration in Hong Kong and Share Transfer JV Consultants Limited is competent enough for Hong Kong company tax filing & company account and audit. JV Consultants Limited has year’s old record to provide ample assistance effectively and flawlessly through their company secretary services to prepare a measured and calculative company tax filing. Professionals of this consulting agency having the qualified personnel those are well aware of the congruent factors with all ifs and buts relevant to company tax filing well within the deadline set by the tax authority. JV Consultants Limited also offers Hong Kong company account and audit conforming to the existing financial accounting system and company laws.

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