5 Tips For Implementing Recruitment Technology Successfully

5 Tips For Implementing Recruitment Technology Successfully

Even market-leading Recruitment Technology won’t do much to serve your business’s hiring needs if it isn’t implemented well. The below five tips should help you to avoid the most common pitfalls. 1 Ask Questions Before Signing A Contract

Before agreeing to take on any given software package, it’s well worth asking the vendor for testimonials from other organisations to have used it. Was the implementation process smooth? Did the provider assist with the implementation? Can these previous users of the technology give you any advice as to how your own organisation can get the most out of it? 2 Undertake Thorough Preparation That old Benjamin Franklin quote – “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” – certainly applies here. The better prepared and organised your firm is, the fewer unnecessary problems it is likely to encounter at the implementation stage. Think, in particular, about any data you may wish to transfer from your old applicant tracking system (ATS), and whether some of it would be best left out of the new solution. 3 Test The Technology Does this dazzling new recruitment technology actually live up to the grand claims the vendor may have made for it? You need to make sure the software is of the specification you were led to expect, and that it boasts all of the functionality you need for efficient hiring. 4 Invest In Comprehensive Training Think of all of those across your hiring team who are likely to need to use this software, even if they may only come into contact with it occasionally. Are they aware of the full breadth of functionality that the technology offers, and can they use it independently to help ensure your firm gains the maximum value from its investment? 5 Provide Training ‘Refreshers’ As Necessary

There may be certain aspects of the ATS that are underused or even completely forgotten about during the early months of your firm’s use of it, and it may be a good idea to provide timely training ‘refreshers’. This doesn’t just help to ensure that your expensive recruitment technology continues to be usable to its maximum intent among your existing staffers, but also enables said staffers to train new users in the software when you are absent. Spending so much time and money on new recruitment technology only heightens the importance of implementing it successfully – so be sure to follow these tips to help ensure your talent management software delivers great results from the earliest stages.

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