Life Transformation Quadrant

Life Transformation Quadrant

Before completing this task sheet, read the chapter ‘Working with Your Life Drivers’

in the eBook ‘Stay on Track with Your Internal Satellite’ (courtesy of Satellite Life Coaching).
This follow up activity will empower you to make better use of your core values, in a

practical way throughout your life.

Tools: one flip chart paper, several magazines, a picture of You, scissors,

glue, colour pens / pencils.
Instructions: Lay the flip chart paper horizontally and draw lines to divide

it into four equal parts.
Label the top left and right boxes A & B. Label the bottom boxes C & D.

Place your picture where the horizontal and vertical lines meet.
For each section of the flip chart find pictures or words from the

magazines that represent each section of the quadrant.
You may also want to draw images. Some ideas to consider are shown

Figure 1.
Where is my life in balance?
Ideas to consider:
What am I restless about?
Ideas to consider:
work, living space, friends,

finances, leisure, social, ‘me’ time,

skill building, etc.
What do I want to happen?

Ideas to consider:

Travel, social life, networking,

improved finances, better time

management, education, greater


Improved relationships, new job /

career path, etc.
What is missing in my life right now?

What do I want to improve? What am I

uneasy about? What is the ideal

scenario? What am I feeling, thinking,

seeing, experiencing that makes me

feel uneasy?
What can help me?

Ideas to consider:

People, organisations, books, tools /

resources, acquisition of knowledge, skill

building, networking, time, money, etc.
This exercise may take a few hours or a few days. Be open to any images

and representations that you connect with and add these to your collage.

Some of the areas in your Life Transformation collage may overlap. That’s

perfectly ok. Be fluid with the exercise.
Quadrant A & B: These depict a clear visual distinction between what is ok

right now in your life and where you feel a shift needs to take place.
Quadrant C & D: These visual representations reflect thoughts and ideas

for what you want to move towards, with indications for strategies for a

way forward.
Analyse Quadrant D. This quadrant can give valuable information that will

enable you to form goals or actions steps towards your destination.
Additional Activity:
Now look back at your values. Place each value in the following statement

and write down whatever comes to you. Let your thoughts flow freely.
How does my life driver of ________________ contribute to A?
How does my life driver of ________________ tell me about B?
How can I honour my value of ________________ in my feeling,

talking about or seeing of C?
How can my value of _________________ help me fulfil this?
Make statements from each point you have explored and reflect upon

What does this tell me?
What is my committed action?



Discuss this exercise with your Life Coach. Your Coach will act as a mirror

and sounding board for the new awareness, breakthroughs and thoughts

that occur as a result of completing this exercise.
Further questions that your Coach asks will help you to generate fuel, in

terms of the formation of new habits or inspired actions that help you to

align with your internal satellite and stay on track with your purpose.
If you don’t design your own life

plan, chances are you’ll fall into

someone else’s plan.

And guess what they have planned

for you?

Not much.

Jim Rohn

Stay on Track with Your Internal Satellite
(c) Copyright Rebecca Gordon
August 2011

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