Dating Advice For Women Over 40

Dating Advice For Women Over 40

Are you forty and looking for some dating advice? Well, you have definitely come to the right page! This article will share with you a lot of tips and advice on how to find your ideal date despite negative media thinking you’re past your best – you’re not – this is just the beginning! Find below some of these tips to help you find the man you can date and possibly love for the rest of your life:
Number 1:

Go Out As Much As You Can – Do not hibernate. If you are serious about getting a date; rule of thumb is to go out as much as you can and therefore meet new friends in the process. Why not get together with your old friends and ask them if they can introduce some of their good bachelor friends to you. By focusing on getting out and meeting new men, you are actually enabling yourself to become more marketable to men your age.  For this, you will need to deviate from your usual routines and make time to finding dates for the coming weeks. This doesn’t have to be anything challenging right now, maybe start by drinking coffee somewhere different every day!
Number 2:
Ditch the emotional baggage – I think most people know that emotional baggage can be difficult for a new partner to take on board, particularly during the ‘dating’ stage. So during the early stages of a relationship or whilst you are meeting new people, ditch the baggage. Not only can this help you to meet new people but it can also be a great stress relief for you personally. Think of this as a new and fresh start. Oh and yes ditching the emotional baggage means not talking about any ex relationships you have had in previous years. Instead move on to new and exciting ground!
Number 3:
Be Natural -To pin down (so to speak) the man who will truly love you, you will need firstly to be true to yourself in order to be sincere to your date. Do not ever go for even just a bit of pretentiousness such as portraying you are meek and mild when you are in fact, as ferocious as a wild cat! Even if you have successfully covered up such an attribute, you will find out that sooner or later, it will naturally come out. You want to meet someone who like and loves you for who you are right? So be yourself right from the start of any meeting or relationship.

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