Software Testing Domain Trends in 2016
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Software Testing Domain Trends in 2016

Nowadays, the online market is growing at significant rate and becoming more competitive every day. This indicates that the customer experience is going to play a significant role in 2015. Online marketers are expected to make their business be stylish and beautifully designed. But, the customers are demanding more in terms of performance and accessibility on various devices. Every business requires quality and high performing software application to automate their business process. Having faulty software might ruin their business in long run. Software developers are striving hard to deliver high quality project to their customers catering the individual or business requirements. Here are some popular software testing concepts that will keep software developers and testing professionals busy in present year. Mobile Usability

With the expansion of portable gadgets like tablet computers and smart phones, mobile shopping is growing at faster rate. Every online marketers need to have responsive website design for their online business to sustain in the competition. You can also think of launching a website to enjoy maximum marketing reach for your business. It helps you to draw potential customer base towards your business. Client End Performance No need to chat the significant of having lightning fast website for your online business. Considering having rich JavaScript libraries, large multimedia content, slider image and integration of thirty part application, the client end performance will suffer badly. So, you need to test your application performance on server side and client side. Cross-Browser Testing In a perfect world, every business need to perform the same, no matter which browser is used. But, it may not happen every time. So, you need to check the performance of a software application before deployment. Having an enterprise or web application performing better on all system will deliver incredible advantage to your business. Software Testing Training in Chennai helps you to be familiar with top automation testing products. Mobile Performance As discussed before, mobile is powerful marketing tool for every business organization. Nowadays, people are wondering about the advantage offered by latest smartphones. It helps you to make online purchase on the move. Interestingly, mobile operators offer unlimited bandwidth to facilitate their user. It indirectly helps the business entrepreneurs in promoting their business.

Realistic Load Regression Test You need to check the performance of a software application in real time. Some software application might suffer to perform in real time situation. So, you need to check its performance by generating actual road before deployment. Some of the software testing tool assists you to generate actual load through the virtual user generator. Let, make your application user friendly. The world is moving very faster, agile software testing is getting very popular. You Automation software testing tools like LoadRunner, QTP and Selenium will give clear insight about a software application. It includes cache patterns, load distribution, memory behavior. Additionally, this system helps the developers to create more robust software applications. Software testing has created huge career opportunity in software development industry. Automation Testing Training in Chennai from reputed training institute will help you to get lucrative career opportunity in IT sector. FITA is reputed Software Testing Training Institutes in Chennai offering hands-on training through industrial experts.

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