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Top Benefits of Professional HVAC Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your heating and cooling systems can bring savings and greater comfort. It is recommended that HVAC systems should be maintained at least twice a year, once in the fall when you have to use heating systems and once in the spring when air conditioning becomes a must. There are numerous benefits of scheduling professional HVAC maintenance and some of them are:

  • Extend lifespan of the system

When you neglect professional maintenance, you reduce the lifespan of your HVAC system. If you want your unit to last longer, it is essential to schedule annual professional HVAC maintenance before the aforementioned seasons.

  • Improved air quality indoors

Along with harmful bacteria and viruses, too much humidity can breed fungus, mildew and mold whereas too little humidity dries your hair, skin and respiratory passages. Trapped and stale air combined with vulnerable, dry noses and throats leads to peak flu and cold season. When you opt for regular HVAC maintenance, the indoor quality air quality levels and ventilation is inspected and optimized, which minimizes the risks.

  • Energy savings

Another major benefit that you can enjoy through regular maintenance of your HVAC unit is that you can save almost 10% to 30% of your energy bills. Through this annual maintenance, you can retain almost 95% of the energy efficiency claims of the manufacturer for the unit’s entire lifespan.

  • Retain the manufacturer’s warranty

Almost all HVAC manufacturers will void their warranties if you don’t sign up for regular maintenance of your unit. HVAC manufacturers and technicians are all aware of the importance of HVAC system’s maintenance for the longevity and performance of the system. If you don’t want your manufacturer’s warranties to go to waste, you should always schedule regular maintenance services.

You can easily enjoy these benefits when you choose to get professional HVAC maintenance.

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